10/18 Short Report: The Other Side of the eCoin - Shorting Digital Currency

Markets continue fighting upward each day, despite concerns over sky-high equity prices.

Whatever your opinion on the current market, NewsQuantified offers powerful options for leveraging your strategic insight. Short plays are a great way to diversify your exposure to overall market movement when using NewsQuantified to select news-based stock trades.

There’s only one key difference. While research suggests market returns for positive “long” news events exceed averages for 90 days, negative short events beat averages over a shorter 30-day window.

In recent days, we’ve seen explosive gains emanating from the digital currency trend. Today, we witness the “other side of the coin.”

Modern Mobility Aids (MDRM): down sharply after announcing digital currency plans.

On Wednesday, Modern Mobility Aids, Inc. announced plans for a dramatic shift in their core business model.

MDRM had been a biotechnology company. Today, they announced they will acquire a Digital Currency “mining” firm, Marbles Mining Company. Marbles is pioneering a new blockchain currency which draws in miners through a zero-cost “play to win” structure. Overall, Marbles is developing a proprietary blockchain designed to provide a B2B payment structure that minimizes supply chain costs.

In need of management with the expertise necessary to lead the company in this new direction, Modern Mobility’s management will be taken over by Marbles. Going forward, MDRM will be focused exclusively on strategic investments in digital currency

Investors sold the stock heavily on the news, driving it to losses around 36% at the time of this writing.

Whatever your opinions on the blockchain trend, emerging industries will always carry more risk (and, hopefully, more reward). The market’s reaction to MDRM’s shift underscores the fact that no matter how revolutionary the blockchain technology turns out to be, not every entrant in this fiercely competitive new marketplace will succeed.

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