Big Short, Solid Buys: Top Performers for Friday, 8/25

Markets were up Friday after two-weeks of sagging momentum. Overall market trends remain difficult to read with geopolitical crosswinds, solid earnings, and sky-high valuations.

Our system identified three news-based trades as our top performers for 8/25, a short and two longs.

These longs are likely to beat market averages for the next 90 days, a solid play in a chaotic market. Research suggests the short plays have a shorter, 30-day, market beating window.

1.Uni-Pixel (UNXL): Huge shorting opportunity on bankruptcy announcement.

UNXL Chart

Uni-Pixel fell nearly 70% on Friday, plummeting after announcing that it would be filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Touch-screen developer Uni-Pixel plans to lay-off its entire workforce and sell all assets.

Uni-Pixel has enjoyed growth based on the promise of its UniBoss” technology intended to revolution touch-sensing in consumer electronics. UNXL failed to turn this tech into a profitable product line, however.

2.Cormedix (CRMD): Stock up sharply on announcement of a leadership change.


CRMD gained nearly 10% on the day, up on news of the resignation of the Chief Medical Officer.

CorMedix is a biopharmaceutical company, focused on developing and commercializing products for the prevention and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases.

The resignation was not a sign of failure, but of a new phase of growth: Dr. Judith Abrams was brought on to shepherd a flagship product through State 3 clinical trials.

Investors see her departure as a sign of confidence in product commercialization and bought heavily on the news.

3.US Gold Corp (USAU): Up Sharply on 2017 drilling news.


Gold-mining company US Gold Corporation posted modest gains—suggesting substantial remaining upside—on positive results from initial scouting drills on a new Nevada development.

The site, until now, had “never been systematically explored using modern exploration techniques with a model driven approach.”

Investors bought on the news, which could lead to a world class gold mine in USAU's Nevada range.

Diverse Plays, Big Gains: All in a single news day.

A powerful news analytics platform like NewsQuantified not only makes it easy to track the news, but to quickly compare news events with key financial information.

Today’s plays make the power of this news-based trading approach clear. These plays came from three different sectors, and very different stocks. No small investor could be expected to track all these companies.

Yet they were all at the top of a single easy to use dashboard in the NewsQuantified platform. We make it simple to find strong short plays in any market environment.

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