Bitcoin, Cannabis, and Profits: Long Plays for 10/13

As markets continue churning near record highs, the NewsQuantified system has identified a series of long-plays that resulted in huge same-week profits.

Today, our Top Performer report features big gains from the convergence of two of the trendiest growth sectors: Cannabis and Block Chain Currency.

While most of our daily news events focus on strategic developments from more traditional firms, NewsQuantified also offers a powerful avenue for involvement in the higher risk-reward world of newly emerging industries.

1.   Epazz (EPAZ): up on news of new Bitcoin Mobile Wallet App for the Cannabis Industry.

The new US medical cannabis industry and Bitcoin aren’t linked by trendiness alone. Although cannabis has been legalized in multiple US states, it remains illegal at the Federal level—which means it doesn’t have traditional access to the US banking system.

This situation creates a natural opportunity for Bitcoin’s anonymous, decentralized currency model to be deployed at an enterprise scale for the entire supply chain—growing to processing to retail—of the cannabis industry.

On Tuesday, Epazz announced an 11/1 release date for its Zenapay Mobile Wallet App for the cannabis industry. The news of the impending product release has already driven the stock to rapid gains, around 100% on Tuesday before falling back to 10% today.  

2.    Priority Aviation (PJET): up on plans to acquire Telluride Health Company

Priority Aviation announced plans to acquire Telluride Health, a cannabis producer. This acquisition marks a rather significant strategic shift for PJET, which was previously focused on the private charter flight industry. A founder of Telluride will assume duties as the new CEO of Priority Aviation.

The sources of capital for emerging industries can be hard to predict. Only a broad-perspective news analysis strategy can have investors ready for these sorts of strategic pivots.

The market has approved of this shift in direction, driving the stock to gains around 50% since the news broke yesterday.

3.    Sack Lunch Productions (SAKL): up on news of plans to acquire an event planning company.

Sack Lunch is an entertainment company with an overall focus on event management. Their CEO discussed plans to acquire Cool Events, another event planning company. They expect to benefit from considerable economies of scale and expanded market access

Investors bought heavily on the news, driving the stock go gains near 50% as SAKL work to grow its way past a notable debt load.

Diverse Plays, Great Profits: All in a single news day.

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