Explosive Gains from the Pharma Sector: NewsQuantified’s Top Performers for 8/7

Our top gainers from 8-7 lead with some truly eye-popping gains stemming from new product news from the pharmaceutical sector.

Pharma product development events are precisely the type of market news that can be almost impossible for a small investor without specific domain knowledge to track.

In addition to trading on more routine financial news like earnings reports and acquisitions, a good news analytics platform helps keep an investor's ear to the ground for rarer explosive growth scenarios like those in today's report.

1. Myokardia (MYOK): Huge growth stemming from a positive pharmaceutical study.

MYOK Chart

Myokardia registered astonishing gains on Monday, up over 80% at the time of this writing. MYOK, which researches novel treatments for cardiovascular conditions, received positive news from a study on the effectiveness of their new approach to targeting "an ailment called obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, where a mutation in heart proteins forces the heart to squeeze more, thickening heart muscles and creating a cascade of effects and symptoms that can lead to afibrillation and death."

Cardiovascular Disease treatments are currently dominated by a handful of massive biotech firms. If this novel approach helps newcomer MYOK claim even a small share of this market, they could add substantial long term revenue. Investors seem to believe that the most recent proof of concept results will put the potentially lucrative news treatment on the fast track to FDA approval.

2. Cyclone Power Technologies (CYPW): Substantial gains on lucrative military contracts.

CYPW Chart

Cyclone Power Technologies jumped 50% on news that they had successfully tested and delivered a new mobile power system to a key contracting partner.

CYPW successfully delivered their new Cyclone Powered Generator System to Defense Contractor  FSDS (Falck Schmidt Defence Systems). FSDS will proceed with final implementation for delivery of the system to the Danish and Spanish militaries in 2018.

Investors jumped on the news, excited that the growing partnership with FSDS will allow CYPW to ascend to a lucrative market position as a global provider of military power systems. They are already pursuing additional contracts in South America.

3. Sunset Island Group (SIGO): Up over 30% on news of a new dividend plan.

SIGO Chart

Sunset Island Group is a pioneer player in perhaps the fastest growing industry in the United States: Medicinal Marijuana Cultivation.

Their establishment of stable grow operations allowed them to announce a dividend plan on 8/7, driving the stock up 35%.

Investors may be uncertain of how to analyze companies in this new sector. A strong dividend plan represents internal confidence in sound forward looking cash flows.

Diverse Plays, Big Gains: All in a single news day.

A powerful news analytics platform like NewsQuantified not only makes it easy to track the news, but to quickly compare news events with key financial information.

Today's dramatic gains make the power of this news-based trading approach readily apparent. Medical Marijuana dividends, military power generators, and heart treatments could not represent more disparate market events.

Yet they were all at the top of a single easy to use dashboard in the NewsQuantified platform.

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