From Sewage to Surgery Robotics: Top Performers for 10/16

In Friday’s blog, we saw how the NewsQuantified Platform can be used to chase huge profits in emerging industries like Bitcoin and Cannabis.

Today, we see how the other end of the spectrum—the most mundane sounding stocks—can be the source of equally explosive profits. Our biggest performer today doubled in just a few hours. The gains came on news of a strategic alliance in Chinese sewage treatment.

1.    Reconstruction Tech (RCON): stock doubles on Sewage Treatment Agreement

On Monday morning, Reconstruction Tech announced that they had entered into a strategic partnership with Beijing OriginWater Purification Engineering Technology Co. to begin developing a new Sewage Treatment services package for Chinese oilfields. They hope to broaden this service line to other industrial waste use-cases over time.

The stock skyrocketed up around 150% on the news, with gains consolidating around 100% at the time of this writing. Investors see this market as laden with potential as the Chinese government begins exerting greater environmental control over its vast industrial sector.

RCON is Chinese Company which provides “integrated services” in a wide variety of industries, particularly oilfield services, electric power and coal chemical processing.

2.    Transenterix (TRXC): up sharply on regulatory approval of new surgical robots.

Over the weekend, TRXC announced confirmation of the US FDA’s approval of their new Senhance™ Surgical Robotic System. Senhance provides an improved set of robotic tools for laparoscopic procedures. The approval came sooner than expected by most analysts.

As the first major entrant in the abdominal surgery tool space since 2000, Senhance has the potential to command substantial market share.

Investors bought the stock heavily on the news, driving it to gains near 150% before consolidating at its current +17% level.

3.    Epicore Bionetworks Inc (EBN_CDNX): up sharply on news of an impending sale.

Epicore announced Monday morning that it would be acquired by Neovia S.A.S.

Neovia will purchase all outstanding shares of Epicore at a 25% price premium. Predictably, this news sent the stock shooting to gains around 24%.

NewsQuantified users can use our system to make handy profits on the simplest of acquisition arbitrage.

Epicore specializes in in Environmental Microbiology and Animal Nutrition.

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