How to Find Big Gains on Positive Earnings Reports

Every single publicly traded stock issues financial results every single quarter. That’s vital information that can lead to big trading momentum. But it’s far too vast an array of data for a small scale investor to keep track of in real time—without the right tools.

Earnings reports are one of many types of news events tracked by our system.

On a single trading day (7/25), the following stocks exhibited strong price appreciation in under 24 hours, the strongest news-based gains recorded by our system for the trading session.

Research suggests that this positive momentum persists for around 90 days, making stocks with strong earnings reports a strong play to ride news events to reliable gains.

Often, the NewsQuantified platform offers profitable strategies based on big ticket news items.

But events as simple as quarterly earnings reports are all that’s required to find solid gains.

1.  CAI International (CAI): A strong earnings reports has already driven gains over 14%.

Screenshot 2017-07-27 12.51.06

CAI International, a major player in the transportation and logistics marketplace, delivered its Q2 earnings report on Wednesday.

Revenue grew on strong results from CAI’s container leasing operation, which is benefiting from booming demand from China. Revenue per common stock share is up 241% from Q2 2016, and investors rallied heavily on the news.

2.  AXT (AXTI): Up over 11% on great earnings news.

Screenshot 2017-07-27 12.52.10

AXT, a leading manufacturer of compound semiconductor substrates, announced its Q2 earnings results on Tuesday. AXT is headquartered in Fremont, CA and maintains its manufacturing ops in China.

Investors rallied to over 11% gains in less than 24 hours, happy with the broad-based growth exhibited by AXT. Their earnings are increasing based not only on new products, but growing sales across many existing product categories.

3. Nutrisystem (NTRI): Solid Gains on a Solid Earnings Report, Already Up 7.9%.

Screenshot 2017-07-27 12.54.07

Health food maker Nutrisystem gained nearly 8% almost immediately upon news of its Q2 results. NTRI makes weight management products, pre-prepared meals sold to dieting clients on a subscription basis.

Investors were especially pleased with this earnings report as it indicated growth among revenue from both existing customers and new members. With revenue growing from multiple directions, investors seem to think NTRI’s strong results are poised to persist.

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