Hurricane Survivor: Top Anayst Action Report, 10/31

After fighting through a rough session on Monday, major indexes are slightly up so far this Tuesday, climbing their way to modest gains on a quieter news day.

Even when major, macro-scale events aren’t rattling or inspiring markets, we’re finding dozens of company-specific news plays that consistently earn our investors profits in excess of market averages.

Quieter news days provide the perfect opportunity for utilizing our Analyst Ratings to find profitable trades. We rate every rating change issued by major financial analysis groups, letting our users pick and choose the analysts with the most proven market moving ability.

Popular (BPOP): Upgraded by BTIG

BTIG is one of the top performing analyst groups in the NewsQuantified system. They have earned an impressive 72% Win Rate (the proportion of their stock rating changes that result in price movement in the direction they predicted).

On Tuesday, they upgraded Popular, setting a $46 price target on the (now) $37 stock. The stock is slightly down since the ratings change, suggesting that substantial upside may remain in the stock. The stock bumped up slightly after issuing a positive earnings report earlier this morning.

Popular is a financial services/banking firm, operating as Banco Popular in Puerto Rico and Popular Community Bank in the US. The company is based in Puerto Rico and maintains active operations throughout Central America.

Their upgrade was based on the assessment that, upon a thorough review of Popular’s Q3 financials, the expected financial toll from Hurricane Maria was less than many investors feared, according to BTIG. Federal assistance and flood insurance successfully mitigated the disaster’s impact on Popular’s bottom line.

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