Long-Play Performers in a Tepid Market: 9/25

Most major indexes ticked down on Monday, dragged down by a sharp fall in technology stocks, even as energy stocks rallied.

The NewsQuantified platform continued to note numerous news-events that drove substantial stock price reactions. Each of these reactions can be captured with a smart news-based trading strategy.

Our Top Performer reports continue to be dominated by company events tied to future earnings, whether they are positive or negative. Investors are eager for tangible earnings evidence to justify current valuations. Today's top performers clustered among long-plays.

1.    Rene Sola (SOL): Up on news of disposition plan.

SOL Chart

Rene Sola is a fully-integrated solar project developer, and distributor of associated energy products. Their stock jumped over 8% in short order on news that they would be selling the assets and liabilities associated with their manufacturing operations and LED distribution business.

A new entity, Rene Sola Singapore, will inherit these assets, including polysilicon, solar wafer, solar cell and solar module manufacturing capabilities. Ownership of this new entity will be assumed by the private buyer, Mr. Xianshou Li. SOL will continue to receive preferential purchasing access to technologies manufactured by their former manufacturing subsidiary.

Rather than pay with cash. Mr. Li agreed to cancel intra-company debt owed to SOL Singapore, streamlining SOL’s finances and spurring the buying spree.

2.    Intellipharmaceutics (IPCI): Up double-digits on favorable FDA feedback.

ICPI Chart

IPCI is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the research and development various solid-delivery drugs, announced favorable news for its Rexista treatment, a new approach for Oxycodone delivery. They received a regulatory document known as a Complete Response Letter (CRL) from the US Food and Drug Administration, which clarified their path to regulatory approval and recommends the continued study of the treatment, which seeks to limit the addictive properties of the drug with a timed-release formula.

Investors bought the stock heavily, driving it to gains over 18% on the trading session.

3.    Outfront Media  (OUT): Receives a key deal with the New York MTA

OUT Chart

Outfront media, a marketing company, published a document Monday revealing they have been recommended to receive the MTA (Metro Transit Authority)’s concession for managing advertising on NYC trains and subways.

OUT surged to 11% gains on the news, which have since mellowed, suggesting substantial upside remains over the next 90 days—research suggests many of the average-beating profits from news-based trading are realized over time, not immediately on news release.

Diverse Plays, Great Profits: All in a single news day.

A powerful news analytics platform like NewsQuantified not only makes it easy to track the news, but to quickly compare news events with key financial information.

Today’s plays make the power of this news-based trading approach clear. No small investor could be expected to track all these companies, diverse across industry, market cap, and valuation.

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