NewsQuantified Users Outsmarted the Big Boys on this Short Play

The market burst through its doldrums from Thursday, emerging Friday morning with a strong start. All major indexes ended today’s session up, with tech and finance stocks leading a broad-based rally. Today, we look at a powerful contrarian play for this highly valued market. While we find dozens of explosive long plays every week, short-focused investors also find great profit opportunities on the NewsQuantified platform. Whether you’re a believer in the current market boom, a bitcoin junky, or a cynic looking to bet against rising valuations, NewsQuantified can leverage your strategy for higher profits than ever. Today’s short play stands as a particularly powerful example. While this stock was downgraded by numerous national analysts, NQ was their first. Small investors armed with NewsQuantified beat some of the world's best investment groups to the punch.

Durect (DRRX): under attack from multiple world-class analysts. And NewsQuantified got there first.

A string of analysts have downgraded Durect this week. Each successive downgrade drove further losses (and short profits), and each downgrade was reported in real-time by the NewsQuantified platform. Durect is a pharmaceutical development company. The string of downgrades was triggered by a Clinical Trial that did not achieve its goals. Stiffel struck first, downgrading the stock this morning. NQ users who shorted the stock on this news came out with a nice 20% profit. About an hour later, H.C. Wainright downgraded the stock. NQ users who waited for his second downgrade for confirmation to short still netted a clean 10%. An hour later still, Laidlaw’s analysis group lowered their price target for DRRX. NQ users who waited for this announcement still enjoyed a solid 6% profit on their short sale. But all of these gains paled compared to those enjoyed by NQ users who took advantage of our original news alert (issued Thursday evening, long before any national analysts had downgraded Durect).

Those who shorted the stock upon our original news alert enjoyed a 60% profit on their short play! Small investors really can beat hedge funds to the punch. They just need the right tools.

Diverse Plays, Great Profits: All in a single news day.

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