Only The Best: Top Financial Analyst Actions ,10/17

Markets continued pushing on record highs Monday.

Today, we’ll examine key stock rating shifts from some of the highest high profile financial analysts in the country.

But NewsQuantified users don’t have to rely on reputation alone when reading financial analysis. We rate every analyst in our system by Win%: the portion of the time that a given analyst’s stock ratings changes have resulted in stock price movement in the direction they predicted.

Our best analysts happened to be focused on short plays today—a potentially rational bias which may become increasingly common as valuations creep ever higher.

1.     Golden Ocean Group (GOGL): downgraded by Clarkson Capital.

Clarkson Capital has earned a truly impressive 70%+ win rate in the NewsQuantified platform. Clarkson downgraded Golden Ocean Group on Tuesday, moving the stock from a “buy” rating to a “neutral” rating.

Golden Ocean Group, formerly Knightsbridge Shipping, operates as a maritime shipping company focusing on bulk dry goods. They maintain a fleet of  47 vessels, with 25 news ships being built.

The stock has drifted slightly upward since the ratings shift, suggesting remaining short profits if Clarkson has made an accurate call on GOGL.

GOGL has come under attack from a number of analysts in recent weeks.

2.     Newstar Financial (NEWS): downgraded by Janney Montgomery Scott.

Janney Montgomery Scott joins Clarkson as one of the handful of analyst groups in our system with a win rate above 70%. That’s bad news for Newstar Financial, which was downgraded by Janney on Monday; they shifted their rating from “Buy” to “Neutral.”

Newstar had recently announced plans to be acquired by First Eagle Investment Management. Those plans are now being investigated on legal grounds, however. Newstar Financial is a middle-market commercial finance company.

The stock has bumped down slightly since the ratings shift, suggesting some potential short profits may remain to be harvested.

3.   Emerson Electric (EMR): upgraded by Cowen Capital.

Cowen Capital, boasting a win rate just under 75%, upgraded the utility company Emerson Electric on Tuesday. They shifted their rating from “Market Perform” to “Outperform.”

They’re the latest in a string of analysts to upgrade Emerson, impressed by strong earnings relative to its peers.

The stock has been mostly flat since the change; substantial upside may remain.

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