Short Plays as a Record Setting Market Awaits Fed News: 9/19

Markets inched up on Tuesday, continuing to push record highs on multiple indexes.

Today, our top performing news events focused on short plays.

Our system continues to identify profitable trading opportunities in every market environment.

1.    Bed Bath Beyond (BBBY): down 14%+ on disappointing earnings .  

BBBY Chart

Bed Bath Beyond fell sharply on Tuesday after release of FY17 2Q earnings results. Revenues came in well below analyst expectations. The American furniture maker’s revenues were down 1.7% from the same quarter last year.

Investors continue to jump on earnings news, seeking to validate current-prices and punish cash flow laggards. Investors hurried out of BBBY on the news, with the stock falling over 14% at the time of this writing.

2.    Ocean Rig UDW (ORIG): plummets nearly 35% on news of a reverse stock split.  

ORIG Chart

Ocean Rig is an international offshore drilling contractor, specializing in the ultra-deepwater and harsh-environment segment of the market.

ORIG’s board announced an eye-raising 1-9,200 stock split, which sent shares plummeting downward. Their 35% loss was our most rapid fall of the week, as raw material stocks continue to be volatile, featuring prominently in our top long and short lists, with high sensitivity to earnings news.

3.    Analogic (ALOG): Remaining downside on earnings news.

ALOG Chart


Analogic fell nearly 2% on Tuesday, suggesting remaining potential downside over the next 30 days. Revenue continued growing for ALOG, but negative overall operating margins persisted. Management has begun considering “full options” for maximizing shareholder value on the struggling stock, including a sale.

The stock fell despite the announcement of a dividend plan alongside the financials. But investors seem to see the dividend as a desperation measure by a firm with a lagging growth plan and cash-losing operations.

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