The News Never Stops: Find Gains Trading on Key Market News Events with NewsQuantified

The news-based trading strategy employed by NewsQuantified is based on academic research and employed by some very successful hedge funds. But smaller traders don’t always have the resources to track dozens of news source in real time.

Our system empowers smaller investors to execute a news based trading strategy of their own. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to monitor the news 24-7 to take advantage of these opportunities. Striking quickly can always be beneficial, but research suggests that these gains persist for 90 days after the initial news events.

You can sit down with NewsQuantified on a trading holiday like July 4 and identify news events from the past several days driving big gains on big volume. And you can follow that momentum to further gains that consistently beat market averages. Let’s look at some great opportunities that became apparent in the three days leading into the July 4 trading holiday.

A few minutes, even on a trading holiday, can be enough time to find serious profit opportunities.

1. Monster Digital (MSDI): Stunning 175%+ Gains in less than 24 hours

Performance since event screenshot

These gains are massive even by NewsQuantified standards.

Monster Digital announced a merger agreement under which the privately held Innovate Biopharmaceuticals will become majority shareholders in MSDI.

Analysts believe that the merged operation will be able to quickly bring to market a vital new treatment for late stage Celiac Disease, which many analysts see as a lucrative potential pharmaceutical market.  The treatment will enter Stage 3 Clinical trials soon.

Our users who purchased upon this initial announcement came close to doubling their investment in less than 24 hours.

2. US Physical Therapy (USPH): Buy on an Analyst Upgrade and Register Solid 6% Gains in A Single Day

Performance since event screenshot

It’s not always easy to interpret key news events. Luckily, financial analysts are there to help—and NewsQuantified puts their insights at your fingertips.

We keep track of dozens of key analysts and record their upgrades/downgrades on all stocks. We also record their Win% so you can focus on the experts with the most market impact.

Stocks that have been upgraded by widely read analysts tend to beat market averages over the next 90 days. Barrington upgraded outpatient clinic operator US Physical Therapy (USPH) to a “Outperform Market,”  on July 3, and the market has already responded, gaining over six percent at the time of this writing. Barrington cited newfound stability in corporate filings to verify a stock they have long seen as undervalued.

3. Telecom Argentina: 16% Gains on Merger News

Performance since event screenshot

Without a tool like NewsQuantified, it’s impossible for smaller scale investors to track stocks in specialized markets like Argentinian telecom.

But our news alerts let you find opportunities in sectors normally reserved to specialized regional analysts at hedge funds.

On July 1, Telecom Argentina announced a merger agreement with Cablevision South America, looking to create a behemoth as Argentina prepares to liberalize its telecom sector in January 2018.

Investors like what they see from the new joint firm: prices are already up over 16%.

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