These Three Companies Are Set To Crush Wall Street's Expectations

Today we highlight three of the stocks highlighted by our system’s analytics on 7-20.

In a market day that was mostly flat overall, these stocks have already registered substantial gains.

As usual, our system can win when the market stays flat by drawing on a huge diversity of potential news plays. Some of our biggest gains from 7-20, for example, came from:

  • An acquisition between regional banking firms.
  • A positive drilling report on a new Israeli oil well.
  • A new strategic alliance between biotech companies in the US and Sweden.

1.  Associated Banc-Corp (ASB): Solid gains on acquisition news.

Screenshot 2017-07-25 14.05.50

This gains came after a NewsQuantified alert that ASB would be acquiring its competitor Bank Mutual Corporation.

ASB is the largest bank holding company headquartered in the state of Wisconsin, with branches across 8 upper Midwestern states. Bank Mutual holds a large number of locations in Milwaukee and Minnesota; this acquisition will substantially increase ASB’s market share in its core region.

Investors believe the move will improve Banc Corp’s strategic position, rallying to the tune of 12% gains in under 24 hours.

1.  Zion Oil and Gas (ZN):  10%+ gains on positive drilling reports.

Screenshot 2017-07-25 14.06.01

Israeli energy company Zion announced major progress in the drilling of its Megiddo-Jezreel #1 well. It has reached a depth of one-mile, about one third of its ultimate goal-depth.

This announcement was paired with news that ZN as solidified their financing for the full completion of the well project.

With progress looking strong, the stock rallied 12.62% on this news alert.

1.  Aptevo Therapeutics (APVO): Our daily gain leader at 17.75%, on news of a strategic alliance.

Screenshot 2017-07-25 14.06.12

Biotech firm Aptevo Therapeutics announced an agreement with Swedish firm Alligator Bioscience to develop new anti-bodies for potential use in treating tumors. APVO specializes in the development immune therapies for various cancers.

By combining proprietary technologies owned by both companies (each specializes in immunotherapy development), APVO gets a significant leg up in development, as evidenced by the day’s rally of nearly 18% in under 24 hours.

The companies will jointly own the new products, while splitting development costs.

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