Three Plays for the 9/8 Market Session

Markets continued navigating a rough patch on Friday, with Hurricane Irma and North Korean tensions weighing on investors. Indexes were close to flat by the end of the trading session, but down overall.

Our system highlighted a diverse set of one long, one short, and one analyst action play for the Friday session.  We continue to find sound profit opportunities in all market environments.

1.    Clean Coal Technologies (CCTC): 10%+ gains on receipt of the first tranche of project fee.

CCTC Chart

Clean Coal Technologies, as its name suggests, is a clean energy technology company, developing a proprietary process for converting coal into a cleaner-burning material. They received their first payment from Wyoming New Energy (WNEC) to build a two-million-ton fuel conversion facility using CCTI's patented “Pristine M” technology. This test plant, intended as a demonstration project for larger deployments, will be located near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Investors bought the stock heavily on Friday, seeing this tranche as a proof of the potential market value of CCTC’s as yet unproven technology.

2.    Tintri (TNTR): shorting play on an emerging securities investigation.  

TNTR Chart

The law firm of Kahn Swick & Foti (KSF), announced that they have begun an investigation into Tintri, Inc (TNTR).

Tintri is a developer of data cloud management software and flash storage systems. They recently conducted an IPO, only to see a poor earnings report slam their stock price.

KSF is investigating whether TNTR violated LA state securities laws as part of their representation of the company leading up to the IPO. The stock fell over 5% on the session on the news, leaving substantial likely downside over the next 30 days.

3.     NewLink Genetics (NLNK): 20%+ gains on an influential analyst upgrade.

NLNK ChartJeffries Group Analysts upgraded NLNK on Friday, leading the stock to huge gains, with huge potential upside remaining: they set a price target of $27. The current price sits around $17.

NewLink Genetics pursues “unique, multifaceted research strategy in immuno‑oncology”

Investors piled into the stock on this and other analyst upgrades, driving it to 20% gains since the NewsQuantified alert. The stock had been struggling until this event.

Diverse Plays, Big Gains: All in a single news day.

A powerful news analytics platform like NewsQuantified not only makes it easy to track the news, but to quickly compare news events with key financial information.

Today’s plays make the power of this news-based trading approach clear. No small investor could be expected to track all these companies, diverse across industry, market cap, and valuation.

Yet they were all at the top of a single easy to use dashboard in the NewsQuantified platform. We make it simple to find strong, diverse plays in any market environment. We put the explosive gains of pharma development in range of smart investors, whether or not they have specialist knowledge of the industry.

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