Three Ways to Use The News to Get Out Ahead of the Bull Market

With the market on such a sustained upward run, it can be tough to find the right trading strategies. Indexes keep marching higher, but with valuations so high, it’s tricky to find sound opportunities to beat market average returns.

Innovative strategies are necessary to find profitable trades and get out ahead of this stubborn bull market. We’re here to help.

Our approach, based on proven academic research, helps investors find profitable opportunities by tapping an underutilized piece of financial intelligence: the news.

It’s obvious that there is a close relationship between business news events and stock prices. That’s why CNBC exists. Yet many investors aren’t utilizing the full breadth of the news at all in their trading—its simply too difficult to track for anyone but a deep-pocketed hedge fund.

Our system makes it easy to track hundreds of financial news alerts—and the ensuing price movement. That’s the information you need to pursue the gains hedge funds are banking using news-based trading strategies every day.

Here just a few high performing recommendations from our system that appear poised to continue their upward flight.

Our Analysis Points to Big Opportunities in These Three Stocks…

1.Gemphire Therapeutics (GEMP): Already up 9% on news of a promising clinical trial.

Performance since event GEMP screenshot

It can be tough for investors to track key developments in technically complex fields like pharmaceuticals. With our system, you can take a cue from the markets in real time as news stories unfold.

This enables you trade on information that would normally only be useful to the most scientifically specialized investors—like breaking clinical trial data.

Gemphire announced promising clinical trial results for a new treatment for a rare medical condition, homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HoFH).

If you bought on this news, you already experienced impressive gains: over 9% in a single day. And all from a single item in the news.

2. Energous Corporation (WATT): Over 7% gains on a single Nano-Cap news item.

Performance since event WATT screenshot

Even the most diligent reader of the financial press can’t possibly keep up with every small-cap stock—much less key opportunities in the micro-cap market segment.

With our system, you can be on the lookout for news alerts that trigger profitable investment opportunities even in securities with tiny market capitalizations.

Energous Corporation is the developer of the hot but unproven WattUp wireless charging technology. Dialog Semiconductor announced a major $15 million investment in Energous, suggesting newfound confidence in the Watt technology from a knowledgeable industry player and key supplier. Energous is also expected to benefit from access to Dialog’s existing distribution and sales infrastructure.

Investors have taken notice, and the stock is up substantially since release of news about the investment.

NewsQuantified lets you stay alert for any opportunity—even one as subtle as a $15 million sign of confidence in a nano-cap stock.

3. Koppers Holdings (KOP): Over 7% one-day gains; earn more by using our system to follow top analysts.

Performance since event KOP screenshot

Access to NewsQuantified allows you to implement multiple powerful trading strategies.

Rather than just reacting to news events, you can examine price changes stemming from outlook changes from top analysts.

We rate analyst action Win% by Cap Size, Analyst, and Stock. For instance, analyst Wunderlich wins on an impressive 67.77% of their outlook changes. Today, they upgraded chemical manufacturer Koppers Holdings—73.33% of news alerts on KOP have lead to wins. Finally, KOP is Small Cap—66.52% of our small cap alerts result in a profit. Using this information, you can see that Wunderlich’s upgrade is a fantastic buy opportunity.

The market agreed with our analysis: KOP is up over 7% since Wunderlich’s announcement.

Thousands of Compelling Investment Chances:

These are just a few of the diverse trading strategies enabled by the real-time analytics provided by our platform.

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