Top Analysts, Great Trading Strategies: Analyst Actions for 8/4

Dozens of the most influential financial institutions in the world offer their long-term outlook on stocks. But small investors can't easily track analyst outlooks from dozens of sources in real time.

We let you stay in touch with cutting edge financial intelligence by putting all analyst outlook changes in one easy to use source. You'll also see how these analysts have performed on past  ratings, making it simple to spot teams whose advice is likely to drive persistent price changes.

As we examine three of our top analyst actions from 8/4, keep in mind that analyst outlook shifts don't always affect prices right away. If prices haven't moved yet, they're still likely too for at least the next thirty days. In fact, limited immediate price shifts may mean more room to run.

Todays' actions cover two downgrades and one upgrade, all in the electronics manufacturing sector.

1. Veeco Instruments (VECO): Downgraded by Deutsche Bank, already down double-digits.


Deutsche Bank, which wins on 68.37% of its rating changes, shifted its stance on VECO from "Buy" to "Hold."

VECO, which specializes in industrial processes used in the manufacturing of various electrical components, is facing stiff competition from Chinese firms .

Investors seemed to accept Deutsche Bank's logic, as the stock fell nearly 20% in less than 24 hours. This fall shouldn't have come as a surprise to NewsQuantified users: Analyst Ratings changes on Veeco have chalked up an impressive 80 win%.

2. CommScope (COMM): Downgraded by multiple analysts.

COMM Chart

Several analysts downgraded COMM on Friday, as Q2 results shook expectations of a turnaround. COMM, which makes various networking components, has been struggling recently. Until now, many analysts saw these struggles as a good entry point on the stock, but are becoming increasingly bearish with poor revenue growth.

Our system identified the downgrade by Cross Research as particularly promising: Cross boasts a win% over 70 in our system. Like other analysts, they downgraded COMM from Buy to Hold.

While COMM is only down a few percentage points so far, negative ratings typically have a 30-day persistent effect, according to academic research.

3. Himax Technologies (HIMX): Upgraded by Baird Capital


Baird Capital is one of the top rated analytics groups in our system, winning on 74% of its rating changes.

They upgraded Himax from Neutral to Outperform on 8/4. The stock hasn't gained on the news yet, a sign that significant upside remains.

HIMX, a Taiwanese semiconductor company, has struggled in recent months, but Baird's team believes that a new product line (3D sensors for 3D Cameras and other applications) will drive growth that is not yet priced into the stock.

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