Top Performers for 9/1: Persistent Upside from Smart Long Plays

Stock indexes registered another solid day on Thursday, continuing a recent streak of positivity. Lackluster job numbers allayed concerns of potential monetary tightening.

With investors convinced that loose monetary policy will continue fueling the equity boom, the top performing news events registered by the NewsQuantified platform continue to be clustered on long plays.

The profits on today’s Top Performers are modest by NewsQuantified standards—we often record double and even triple digit stock-news events. But investors must keep in mind that research suggests news-based stock impacts persist over a 30+ day period; muted initial gains may simply suggest further remaining upside.

1.    Keryx Biopharmaceuticals (KERX): Up 5%+ on news of a teaming agreement.

KERX Gains

KERX announced a teaming agreement with Patheon, an affiliate of Patheon Manufacturing Services. Patheon, a drug manufacturer, will produce Auryxia tablets at an additional manufacturing facility (adding to an existing manufacturing-development partnership between Keryx and Patheon).

Auryxia is the first successfully commercialized product for KERX, which focuses on developing treatments for renal disease.

Investors bought KERX to the tune of 5% gains on the session, believing the teaming agreement represents the beginning of more stable profitability for Keryx.

2.    Cytori (CYTX): Gains on news of a corporate restructuring plan.
CYTX Chart

CYTX is another pharmaceutical firm, based in San Diego and focused on the development of cellular therapy technologies.

Cytori announced a corporate restructuring on Friday, and investors drove the stock to 4%+ gains. They will cut workforce by roughly 50%, seeking to limit capital burn to focus resources on efforts with the highest potential ROI.

3.    Weyerhaeuser (WY): Up modestly on news of a timber land sale.

WY Chart

WY was up modestly on news of the sale of over 300,000 acres of timberlands in Uruguay (divesting their Uruguayan ops). The sale included peripheral production facilities including a plywood and veneer manufacturing facility, a cogeneration facility, and a seedling nursery.

Weyerhauser is one of the largest owners of timber resources in the world. They regularly sell and buy international assets as they rebalance their timber holdings based on market need.

Diverse Plays, Big Gains: All in a single news day.

A powerful news analytics platform like NewsQuantified not only makes it easy to track the news, but to quickly compare news events with key financial information.

Today’s plays make the power of this news-based trading approach clear. Two of these plays came from the pharma sector, but our system issues hundreds of profitable alerts every single week, representing stocks from every sector

No small investor could be expected to track all these companies, diverse across industry, market cap, and valuation.

Yet they were all at the top of a single easy to use dashboard in the NewsQuantified platform. We make it simple to find strong, diverse plays in any market environment. We put the explosive gains of pharma development in range of smart investors, whether or not they have specialist knowledge of the industry.

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