Top Performers: Short Plays for Monday, 9/11

Markets registered a strong performance on Monday, with most indexes up over 1% on session close.

Nevertheless, our systems’ top performers highlighted a set of shorting opportunities on Monday, picking off laggards during the day’s gains.  We continue to find sound profit opportunities in all market environments.

1.    Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ): Down over 6% of news of legal trouble.


Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) is a company focused on developing, distributing, and administrating cloud-based health insurance plans.

Their stock dropped suddenly upon the news, revealed during a conference call, that Shareholder Rights Law Firm Johnson Fistel, LLP is beginning to investigate potential violations of federal securities laws by HIIQ.

This investigation also seems to have led to regulatory rejection of a key license for insurance providers in Florida, which the company fears could lead to a cascade of adverse regulatory decisions.

Investors sold heavily on the news, driving the stock to losses over 6% in under 24 hours.

2.    Limoneira Company(LMNR): down over 10% on disappointing financials.  

LMNR ChartLimoneira Company is a global agribusiness firm. They own and manage agricultural land, real estate, and water rights in California, Arizona and Chile

Their stock fell 10% on Monday, despite revenue gains. Investors were likely disappointed by the pace of growth, coupled with LMNR’s doubling down on tepid forward guidance for earnings growth.

With investors hungry for tangible earnings in a highly valued market, LMNR fell over 10% on this hit to its revenue growth picture.

3.Psivida  (PSDV): Down 10% on poor earnings news.

PSDV Chart

Psivida (PSDV) is a pharmaceutical technology company focused on the use of  microelectromechanical systems and nanotechnology to deliver drugs. They are specifically focused on using these technologies to prevent and treat blindness caused by various medical conditions.

Their stock plunged over 10% on Monday’s trading session. Once again, while overall revenues were up, investors seem to be skeptical of the long-term revenue growth picture for the company.

Diverse Plays, Big Gains: All in a single news day.

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